Camera Test Reveals Batsuit For THE BATMAN (VIDEO/IMAGES) The new Batsuit is here, and it's...sorta kinda basically what you'd expect. Landing somewhere between Christian Bale's and Ben Affleck's costumes, writer / director Matt Reeves is sticking with the black-and-gray motif for Robert Pattinson's cape and cowl in the upcoming The Batman. Clearly an engineered suit of armor, it appears to be a [...]

Mesmerizing GREEN KNIGHT Teaser Hails A Major Movie Event (VIDEO/IMAGES) Now this is my kind of medieval fantasy. Based on a bit of lesser known lore within the King Arthur legend (and completely new to me), The Green Knight is a fascinating-bordering-on-bonkers art house indie approach to the Tolkien-styled epics ala Lord of the Rings and the legion of copies it has inspired (Game [...]

THE FRENCH DISPATCH Trailer Transports Us To Wes Anderson’s World (VIDEO/IMAGES) There is our world, and then there's Wes Anderson's. The latest opportunity for us to travel from ours to his comes this summer with The French Dispatch, the 10th feature film from this generation's most distinct cinematic artisan. Once again assembling an eclectic cast (and quite possibly his largest) -- an ensemble that includes [...]

More Concept Art For Colin Trevorrow’s STAR WARS 9 (IMAGES)

First the leaked screenplay. Then the Concept Art. Now -- Concept Art, Round 2. The original Star Wars: Episode IX that writer/director Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World) had been hired to make before he was fired in 2017 has remained a mystery for years, including right up to the release of J. J. Abrams' Star Wars: [...]

MINIONS 2 Has Little Gru In First Trailer (VIDEO/POSTER) It's Minions. It's the 70s. And it's a 12-year-old Gru. This  basically sells itself, but here's the first trailer anyway. Minions: The Rise of Gru is the origin story of how an aspirational little boy became the supervillain he always dreamed of being. Spurned by an evil super-group called Vicious 6, little Gru (once [...]

New Featurette & Super Bowl Spot Tease More Of A QUIET PLACE II (VIDEO) The marketing machine for A Quiet Place Part II isn't keeping silent. On the verge of a Super Bowl tease (see below), there's also a new behind-the-scenes featurette that lays the groundwork of when Part II picks up from where the original left off. Director John Krasinski and his star/real-life wife Emily Blunt provide [...]

Leaked Concept Art For Cancelled STAR WARS 9 Reveals Trevorrow’s Vision (IMAGES)

Any lingering doubts about the validity of the leaked screenplay for Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars: Duel of the Fates (i.e. the original draft for Episode IX) can finally be put to rest with this latest online bombshell: concept art for Trevorrow's never-produced vision. In 20 amazing images (posted on the internet sharing community, we [...]

ORDINARY LOVE Looks Very Special In Official Trailer (VIDEO/IMAGES) In what could be dubbed "The End of The First Five Minutes Of Up: The Movie", Ordinary Love looks to be a deeply heart-wrenching drama about an older middle-age husband and wife (played by Liam Neeson and Lesley Manville), still very much in love, who are faced with a devastating health crisis. Considering Neeson's [...]