ROMA (Movie Review)

**** out of **** Rated R / TV-MA (for violence, disturbing images, male full frontal nudity, and language) Released: December 14, 2018 Runtime: 135 minutes Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón Starring: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Verónica García, Fernando Grediaga Streaming on Netflix, beginning December 14 (Viewer Discretion note: an early scene contains extended [...]

First Trailer For Final AVENGERS Movie Underwhelms (VIDEO/POSTER) Everything about this trailer is exactly what leaves me so "meh" about most of the MCU: it's the most generic form of 21st Century blockbuster filmmaking (which is likely why it's such a huge success). Case in point: did we really need to wait this long, with this much secrecy and hype, to finally [...]

New CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Unleashes More Of Her Marvel (VIDEO/POSTER) The latest superhero puts the Marvel in the MCU. Literally. In the second trailer for Captain Marvel, more is teased about the newest addition to Hollywood's biggest tentpole property, now going ten years strong. Starring Academy Award winner Brie Larson (Room) in the title role, Captain Marvel is the first female-led franchise in Marvel's [...]

Detroit Critics Put EIGHTH GRADE At The Top Of The 2018 Class (AWARDS 2018)

Four critics groups. Four different choices for Best Film. Following The National Board of Review's pick of Green Book, the New York Film Critics Circle love for Roma,  and the Atlanta Film Critics Circle embrace of The Favourite, the Detroit Film Critics Society named Eighth Grade as the Best Film of 2018. "Gucci!", as its star would say. It's a [...]