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***1/2 out of **** Rated R (for violence/terror and strong language) Released: March 22, 2019 Runtime: 114 minutes Directed by: Jordan Peele Starring: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex, Madison Curry, Tim Heidecker, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Anna Diop (SPOILER CAUTION: While no plot details are divulged beyond what's been revealed in [...]

Criterion Channel Set To Fill The FilmStruck Void (NEWS) FilmStruck is dead. Long live The Criterion Channel. In the wake of last fall's shocking demise of FilmStruck (the now-defunct streaming service collaboration between Turner Classic Movies and The Criterion Collection, which was shut down in a total blindside to subscribers when the new conglomerate Warner Media was formed), The Criterion Collection wasted no [...]

Quentin Goes Swanky In ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Trailer (VIDEO/POSTERS) Groovy, baby. It's hard to imagine a movie being "more" Quentin Tarantino than his 9th one, Once Upon A Hollywood. It has everything he geeks over: movie sets, movie stars, a hip retro soundtrack and the styles to go with it, some kung fu fighting, and that turn-of-the-mid-century era when Old Hollywood was transitioning [...]

First Trailer For TOY STORY 4 Doesn’t Go Beyond Infinity (VIDEO/POSTER) New toy gets lost from home, rescue adventure ensues, old loyal toys become tempted by a life beyond the toybox, only to realize that one's purpose is to bring joy to a child. Well this feels familiar, doesn't it. That's because you've seen Toy Story 2. While not ripping off that movie wholesale, Toy [...]

Fan Trailer Re-Imagines FRESH PRINCE Into Modern Drama (VIDEO) Now this is how you put yourself on the map. Kansas City filmmaker Morgan Cooper just released a fan-made trailer called Bel-Air, a modern, slick-yet-gritty dramatic re-imagining of the 1990s Will Smith sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And that's all it is -- a fan-trailer -- meaning that it's not promoting an actual [...]


Episode 19 - THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Conversations On Cinema Triple Frontier, @ 0:55 Captain Marvel, @ 21:09 Belated Oscar Tidbits, @ 38:08 Outro / Contact Info, @ 42:14 On this episode of The Bad and the Beautiful, Charles and Jeff buckle up as Marvel goes for Girl Power while Ben Affleck and Oscar [...]