Deepfake Puts Tom Holland & Robert Downey, Jr. In BACK TO THE FUTURE (VIDEO) Spider-Man and Iron Man as...Marty McFly and Doc Brown?! Great Scott!!! YouTuber EZRyderX47, the latest onliner to take a stab at deepfake technology, is having some fun with Back to the Future -- and it's legitimately inspired. In a clip from the original BTTF, the faces of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have [...]

Camera Test Reveals Batsuit For THE BATMAN (VIDEO/IMAGES) The new Batsuit is here, and it's...sorta kinda basically what you'd expect. Landing somewhere between Christian Bale's and Ben Affleck's costumes, writer / director Matt Reeves is sticking with the black-and-gray motif for Robert Pattinson's cape and cowl in the upcoming The Batman. Clearly an engineered suit of armor, it appears to be a [...]

Mesmerizing GREEN KNIGHT Teaser Hails A Major Movie Event (VIDEO/IMAGES) Now this is my kind of medieval fantasy. Based on a bit of lesser known lore within the King Arthur legend (and completely new to me), The Green Knight is a fascinating-bordering-on-bonkers art house indie approach to the Tolkien-styled epics ala Lord of the Rings and the legion of copies it has inspired (Game [...]

THE FRENCH DISPATCH Trailer Transports Us To Wes Anderson’s World (VIDEO/IMAGES) There is our world, and then there's Wes Anderson's. The latest opportunity for us to travel from ours to his comes this summer with The French Dispatch, the 10th feature film from this generation's most distinct cinematic artisan. Once again assembling an eclectic cast (and quite possibly his largest) -- an ensemble that includes [...]

THE 92ND ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS: Analysis & Full List of Winners (AWARDS 2019)

We may not have witnessed the biggest upset in Oscar history (that still goes to 2016’s Moonlight), but the 92nd annual ceremony ended with what was arguably the Academy Awards' biggest breakthrough. Right there with Kathryn Bigelow’s glass-ceiling shattering first female win for Best Director with The Hurt Locker, Bong Joon-ho’s South Korean thriller Parasite became the [...]

OSCAR SHORTS: Reviews & Predix For Animated, Docs, & Live Action (AWARDS 2019)

When it comes to Oscar pools, the make-or-break categories are the three for short films: Animated, Documentary, and Live Action. Below are links to my reviews for those three separate categories. These short film packages are playing in theaters nationwide in two different ways: As three separate feature length collections, one for each category (you're [...]