First Two Music Cues From GRINDELWALD Soundtrack (VIDEO/AUDIO) Alohomora underscore!  With a wave of his magic baton, composer James Newton Howard has returned to the Potterverse prequel world of Fantastic Beasts with his new score for The Crimes of Grindelwald. Building off of cues established in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Howard and Warner Bros. record label WaterTower Music unlock [...]

Rowling Teases GRINDELWALD’S Chamber Of Secrets (VIDEO) What mind has read and ear has heard, the eye will finally see. That's the promise author J.K. Rowling sets in this 90-second promo tease for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the second prequel-sequel in this early 20th Century-set saga from the popular Potterverse (which began with 2016's Fantastic Beasts and Where To [...]

COLETTE (Movie Review)

*** out of **** Rated R (for some sexuality/nudity and language) Released: September 21, 2018 limited; October 12 wide Runtime: 111 minutes Directed by: Wash Westmoreland Starring: Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Fiona Shaw, Eleanor Tomlinson, Denise Gough The period-piece lesbian sex is the least interesting thing about Colette. Serving as little more than titillating soft core [...]

The “Snap” Dusting From INFINITY WAR and ANT-MAN 2 Synced Together (VIDEO) And just like -- *snap* -- that, these scenes are much more powerful. YouTuber dimitreze has synced together the disintegration scenes from Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp. For me, in their normal context, they lacked the power that Marvel was going for (largely because we knew, even as they occurred, that [...]

First Teaser For New ALADDIN Movie Is…Live Action? (VIDEO) This whole world doesn't look all that new. The first teaser for Disney's live action remake of Aladdin just dropped's mostly animated?! It's pretty lame, really, what passes for "live action" today in our digitally-overloaded blockbusters. In this first look, the only thing that looks real is the brief glimpse of Aladdin himself, [...]

It’s All About To Break In Latest GLASS Trailer (VIDEO/INSTAGRAM) Gaga is far from the shallow now, and Glass is about to be out of the shadows. In the latest trailer for Glass, the final film in the Unbreakable trilogy that we never knew we'd get until that cool twist at the end of 2016's Split, Mr. Glass and The Beast are unleashed. It's exciting [...]