Short Film THY KINGDOM COME: Sequel To Malick Movie (VIDEO) Here's the sequel to Terrence Malick's To the Wonder that we never knew we needed. Kind of. Thy Kingdom Come is a 43-minute short film premiering this March at the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX. Directed by Euguene Richards, a photojournalist for The New Yorker, it utilizes bonus footage that Malick [...]

THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Podcast: Episode 1 – BLACK PANTHER, Oscar Race, & More (PODCAST)

Episode 1 - THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Conversations On Cinema Welcome to the debut episode of The Bad and the Beautiful, a new film conversation podcast co-hosted by myself and Charles Elmore. You can download it on iTunes or stream it here. On this inaugural roundtable, Adam Chitwood (deputy editor, joins us to discuss the [...]


I'm excited to announce a new podcasting venture that I'll be co-hosting and co-producing with Charles E. Elmore. It's called "The Bad and the Beautiful", and it's about to debut. A fellow member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle, Charles has also produced the Tulsa-based film podcast Videodrone Tulsa and curated its website. Now, as we continue [...]


Released: February 16, 2017 Runtime: 134 minutes Program: Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts for 2017 (Parental Discretion advised) During every Oscar ceremony, there’s a stretch of categories with nominees that virtually no one has ever even heard of, let alone seen: the shorts. Divided into three competitive groups – Animated, Live Action, and Documentary – the Academy Award nominated [...]

BLACK PANTHER (Movie Review)

**** out of **** Rated PG-13 (for prolonged sequences of action violence, language, and a brief rude gesture) Released: February 16, 2018 Runtime: 134 minutes Directed by: Ryan Coogler Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Guria, Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya, Winston Duke, Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Sterling K. Brown, John [...]

Third READY PLAYER ONE Trailer Gives Sci-Fi Nostalgia Some Soul (VIDEO/POSTERS) Spielberg's up to something, and I like it. If the initial trailers for Ready Player One (here and here) were designed to tap into our sense of nostalgia wrapped up in futuristic sci-fi eye candy, then this new 2-minute cut is meant to show us that it's actually about something, thematically and emotionally. Previous teasers [...]

Bob Is Mr. Mom In First INCREDIBLES 2 Sneak Peak (VIDEO/POSTERS) Honey, it's been over 13 years since our favorite Pixar super suits were last donned. Now they're finally back in this first look sneak peak that ran during the Winter Olympics. The 90-second teaser looks like it's just scratching the surface of incredible ideas that have stacked up for a decade-plus, ones that mix those [...]