The Deceptive Photo-Real Magic Of THE JUNGLE BOOK – Behind The Scenes (VIDEO)

Filmed in Downtown Los Angeles. That's the most staggering credit for the new box office juggernaut live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book. The term "live-action" is a bit deceiving, though, given that most of this world is entirely fake. But it'd have to be, since the story is set entirely in a real jungle and not the [...]

Trailer Debut For SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU, About The Obamas’ First Date (VIDEO)

The Obama Rom-Com. That's what we see - along with some inspiring community organizing - in the first trailer (below) for Southside With You. Having premiered earlier this year at January's Sundance Film Festival, the film dramatizes the first date between Barack and Michelle Obama back in 1989. It opened to generally positive reviews at Sundance, [...]