Two Versions of the First Teaser Trailer For THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Remake (VIDEO)


Yesterday, MGM and Columbia released the first images from their remake of The Magnificent Seven. Today, the first teaser trailer. Well two, actually. Both slightly different versions – one for North America, the other an International trailer – are below.

This new take on the classic western has long been in development. Early on Tom Cruise was attached in the lead. Rumored co-stars were Matt Damon, Kevin Costner, and Morgan Freeman, with a script penned by True Detective writer Nic Pizzolatto. As much as I would’ve liked to have seen that movie, I think the concept is better served by this more-diverse cast – not just for diversity’s sake, but particularly what it adds to the 19th Century American frontier setting (especially having an African-American as the leader of the team seeking revenge).

Also of note: this movie will have the final score of the late James Horner (Titanic, Braveheart), who died in a tragic plane crash in the summer of 2015. How is that even possible, given that scores are composed after films are shot, not before? Here’s the eerily amazing answer from director Antoine Fuqua, about the score that Horner composed in secret, right before his unexpected passing:

  • “I just found out a couple days ago (Horner’s) team flew out here to Baton Rouge, and they brought me all the music from “Magnificent Seven” – he had already wrote it for me, based on the script….he did it all off the script because he wanted to surprise me. And I thought it was a gift or something. And they all came out here and they said, Antoine, James wrote the music for “Magnificent Seven” already, and it’s just glorious. And that’s my memory of James.”

The Magnificent Seven, which is not yet rated, hits theaters this fall on September 23, 2016.

The American Teaser Trailer:

And the slightly more graphic (or at least suggesting graphic violence) International version:

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