Summer Blockbusted 2020: Now Playing…July 31 (FILM FUN/VIDEO)

Blockbusters, Prestige Oscar Contenders, an unqualified Masterpiece, and one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history. Welcome to The Final Week of Summer Blockbusted 2020. Due to unforeseen but necessary shifts in my personal calendar (which caused me to miss my entry for this series last week), I’m needing to cut short this curated alt-Summer Movie [...]

AMC And Universal Strike Historic Deal To Shrink Theatrical Window (FILM NEWS)

The theatrical window for exclusive first-run movies just got dramatically shorter. Kind of. And despite my philosophical reservations about it, this is actually a great deal. In a major move that marks the first step in dramatically redefining the movie theater business model and its entire industry, AMC Theatres and Universal Studios announced an agreement [...]

Christopher Nolan’s TENET Delayed Again; New Date Allegedly Imminent (NEWS/ANALYSIS)

A week ago, I predicted that Tenet would be bumped from mid-August to October 2. Boy, I was way off. In a normal world, the Tenet news we'd be hearing today are reports of its boffo opening weekend box office. Instead, Warner Bros. announced that they have indefinitely delayed the release of director Christopher Nolan's [...]

Summer Blockbusted 2020: Now Playing…July 17 (FILM FUN/VIDEO)

Nolan Blockbusters, Christmas in July, and much more. Welcome to Week 12 of Summer Blockbusted 2020. Through the end of August, I am curating a weekly slate of movies from summers past, ranging from big blockbusters to small counter-programming indies, and dramas and comedies in-between. With the multiplexes still closed, these are classics you can [...]