THE 93RD ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS: Analysis & Full List of Winners (AWARDS 2020)

It was the most predictable Oscars ever -- until it wasn't. Steven Soderbergh, a previous Academy Award winning filmmaker, produced this year's ceremony, one that promised to be uniquely different due to COVID-19 protocols. Soderbergh had teased his approach to the show as being a "movie version" of the Oscars -- and it was, complete [...]

Summer Blockbusted 2020: Now Playing…July 31 (FILM FUN/VIDEO)

Blockbusters, Prestige Oscar Contenders, an unqualified Masterpiece, and one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history. Welcome to The Final Week of Summer Blockbusted 2020. Due to unforeseen but necessary shifts in my personal calendar (which caused me to miss my entry for this series last week), I’m needing to cut short this curated alt-Summer Movie [...]