#TimesUp For Hamlet In OPHELIA Trailer (VIDEO)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP1PTOiPVQo To thine own self be true -- especially if you're "re-imagining" a Shakespeare classic. Ophelia, based on the novel by Lisa Klein, tells the story of Hamlet from the perspective of his lover Ophelia, and then takes that tragedy in directions that Shakespeare didn't. Starring Daisy Ridley in the title role, the studio press [...]


https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=FvvZaBf9QQI Yikes. Paramount just debuted the first trailer for their Sonic The Hedgehog movie, and it has possibly the worst character-animation I've ever seen in a modern-era studio blockbuster. The tone of the whole movie is strictly for kids, too. That's fine, but it also has limited appeal. At least Jim Carrey is channeling his [...]

ENDGAME Obliterates Box Office With Billion Dollar-Plus Debut (NEWS)

  For Avengers: Endgame, dusting box office records was a snap. Audiences assembled around the world as Avengers: Endgame -- the final chapter in the first decade-plus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- set a new opening weekend record gross of $1.2 billion dollars. That's double the record set a year ago by Avengers: Infinity War. [...]

New Shots Of The Pridelands In First Look LION KING Photos (IMAGES)

  We've had a teaserand a trailer for Disney's live-action remake of The Lion King. Now, Entertainment Weekly has debut some new first-look photos of the CGI photo-real adaptation of the beloved classic. These provide an intriguing way to closely examine the style and quality of the visual effect technique. While it certainly looks real enough, there's something about the way that [...]

GEMINI MAN Trailer Pits Old Will Smith Against Young Will Smith (VIDEO/POSTER)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbyJignbSj0&feature=youtu.be The Fresh Prince is back, and this time he's a time-traveling assassin. In the new upcoming sci-fi action thriller Gemini Man, Will Smith stars as an aging gunman who's being hunted down by his younger self. With anti-aging technology, Smith plays both roles. For one, he's transformed into the familiar young star that blew [...]

DIANE (Movie Review)

*** out of **** Not Rated (contains R-rated language and references to drug use) Released: March 29, 2019 limited; April 12 expands Runtime: 95 minutes Directed by: Kent Jones Starring: Mary Kay Place, Jake Lacy, Andrea Martin, Estelle Parsons, Deirde O'Connell, Phyllis Somerville, Celia Keenan-Bolger My review of Diane, for The Tulsa Voice. This narrative debut from documentarian [...]