New Shots Of The Pridelands In First Look LION KING Photos (IMAGES)


We’ve had a teaserand a trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King. Now, Entertainment Weekly has debut some new first-look photos of the CGI photo-real adaptation of the beloved classic. These provide an intriguing way to closely examine the style and quality of the visual effect technique.

While it certainly looks real enough, there’s something about the way that “real-life nature” sort of blends together, as a visual palette, while animation does a much better job at making things more distinct, separate, and vibrant. It’s definitely interesting, but I wouldn’t say it’s better.

Also interesting: a photo of director Jon Favreau and Simba actor Donald Glover in a sound recording booth. This has been billed as a motion-capture film, with actual actor performances, and not an animated film with voice-only performances. It would appear that it’s actually a mix of both (but then maybe mo-cap always is to some degree).

Anyway, click on any image to bring up the photo gallery, take a look, and see for yourself.

The Lion King remake opens on July 19, 2019.

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