SUBURBICON (Movie Review)

*** out of **** Rated R (for violence, strong language, and some sexuality) Released: October 27, 2017 Runtime: 105 minutes Director: George Clooney Starring: Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Oscar Isaac, Noah Jupe Available to rent through Amazon Video or buy on Blu-ray and DVD. Proceeds from purchases made through these links go to support this blog. George Clooney is an interesting filmmaker, attracted to very [...]

NETFLIX AND KILL: The Real Victims Of Their Day-And-Date Strategy (ANALYSIS)

The Hollywood studios aren’t the ones who need to worry. Neither are the multiplexes. The threat that Netflix poses to the movie industry, with their streaming exclusive releases of Awards Season-style hopefuls, is to the independent movie houses that cater to discerning cinephiles. To the art house theaters that actually care about film as an [...]

Rian Johnson “Makes His Mark” On Set Of THE LAST JEDI (VIDEO) A generation grew up playing with Star Wars toys and figures. So did Rian Johnson. Now, in this new behind-the-scenes look, the writer/director of Episode VIII shares how he's able to play like that once again, but on an epic scale. This video is another fun tease for what's to come, and the backdrop [...]

Trailer For PHANTOM THREAD Previews Final Screen Role By Daniel Day-Lewis (VIDEO/POSTER) I'll drink this milkshake. Daniel Day-Lewis collaborates one more time with his There Will Be Blood auteur Paul Thomas Anderson in Phantom Thread, a film set in the London fashion world of the 1950s. This will also be, according to Day-Lewis, the final screen performance for the 3-time Academy Award winning actor. He's previously [...]

LUCKY (Movie Review)

*1/2 out of **** Not Rated (for adults only) (for strong language, smoking, drug use) Released:  September 29, 2017 limited; October 20 expands Runtime: 88 minutes Director: John Caroll Lynch Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, Ron Livingston, Ed Begley Jr., Barry Shabaka Henley, Beth Grant, James Darren, Yvonne Huff, David Lynch An actor’s showcase that doesn’t give its actor [...]

ONLY THE BRAVE (Movie Review)

  *** out of **** Rated PG-13 (for thematic content, some sexual references, language, peril, and drug material) Released:  October 20, 2017 Runtime: 133 minutes Director: Joseph Kosinski Starring: Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch Available to rent through Amazon Video or buy on Blu-ray and DVD. Proceeds from purchases made through these links go to support [...]


***1/2 out of **** Rated TV-MA (for some language, war violence, torture, brutal conditions involving children) Released:  September 15, 2017 Runtime: 136 minutes Director: Angelina Jolie Starring: Sareum Srey Moch, Phoeung Kompheak, Sveng Socheata, Mun Kimhak, Heng Dara, Khoun Sothea, Sarun Nika Streaming exclusively on Netflix My review of First They Killed My Father, for The Tulsa Voice. It’s the true [...]

SPIELBERG (Movie Review)

*** out of **** TV-MA (for some strong language, adult themes, sexual references) Released:  October 7, 2017 Runtime: 147 minutes Director: Susan Lucy Starring: Steven Spielberg and various collaborators Airing exclusively on HBO, and streaming free to the public on during the month of October For a director as influential as Steven Spielberg – with so many movies to [...]

New BLACK PANTHER Trailer Gives MCU The Shaft (VIDEO/POSTER) Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? It used to be Shaft, but now it's Black Panther. Right on. Cuz in this latest trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie, he's a bad mutha--SHUT YO MOUTH! From director Ryan Coogler (Creed), the MCU gets its "daaaamn right!" swagger in Black [...]