As a part-time freelance film critic and writer, I publish about 2 reviews/articles a month with The Tulsa Voice, on average. Consider this blog a supplement to that.

I’ll post takes (some brief, others at length) about other films I see – from theatrical to home viewing – along with occasional thoughts on current film news, awards, and trends, all as the motivation strikes.

I’ll also link to my formal reviews and articles published elsewhere on this blog as well, making this an easy go-to archive for my content moving forward.

I’ve added a new podcast to the mix: The Bad and the Beautiful: Conversations on Cinema with co-host Charles Elmore. You can stream episodes online or download through iTunes.

Also, if you see any mistakes – typos, facts, or otherwise – please let me know. All corrections are welcome. Self-publishing is an imperfect discipline.

You can e-mail with any of your thoughts at icantunseethatmovie@gmail.com.

Jeff Huston is a member of the Oklahoma Film Critics Circle, and currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer. He pays the bills as a director, writer, and editor at Steelehouse Productions.

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    1. That’s a very generous gesture, Josh! Thank you so much. And yes, I’d be honored to answer your questions and be considered (assuming that’s how it works). Just let me know what I need to do. Much appreciated!

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