Fan Film Expands NEW HOPE’s Lightsaber Duel (VIDEO) George Lucas is infamous for constantly retooling and updating his Star Wars movies, not just the OT Special Editions but even the prequels for their blu-ray releases (such as replacing puppet Yoda in Phantom Menace with digital Yoda). Controversial though they may be (particularly since the changes aren't always effective), the notion isn't without [...]

Complete Panel Discussion For STAR WARS EPISODE IX (VIDEO) Stephen Colbert hosts the panel discussion for Star Wars: Episode IX, held on April 12, 2019, at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. It includes director J. J. Abrams, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, and nearly the entire lead cast, capped off with the debut (and crowd reaction to) the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: [...]

ENDGAME Cast Opens Up In Half-Hour Roundtable Talk (VIDEO) If you're an Avenger, perhaps the worst part about having survived the Infinity War dusting is that you now have to do all of these press junkets and interviews so as to maintain the illusion that all of those dusted actors aren't coming back. Uh huh. Well, the legion of diehard Marvel fans are [...]

Fan Trailer Re-Imagines FRESH PRINCE Into Modern Drama (VIDEO) Now this is how you put yourself on the map. Kansas City filmmaker Morgan Cooper just released a fan-made trailer called Bel-Air, a modern, slick-yet-gritty dramatic re-imagining of the 1990s Will Smith sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And that's all it is -- a fan-trailer -- meaning that it's not promoting an actual [...]

Force Strong In Saga-Expansive Trailer STAR WARS: ALWAYS (FILM FUN) If we're going to keep making new Star Wars movies, maybe Topher Grace should produce one of them. He certainly makes a case for it as co-editor of the best Star Wars fan edit I've ever seen. In five minutes, he and fellow editor Jeff Yorkes summarize the expanse of the 8-episode Skywalker saga [...]

My Predictions for THE 91st ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS (AWARDS 2018)

Below are my predictions for the 2018 Academy Awards, in all 24 categories. The list has some commentary in the major categories, along with simple “Will Win” predictions and “Should Win” opinions for all categories. I also have "Should've Been Nominated" choices for the top half of the nominees, and to make those choices truly credible I add which of [...]

Pixar Sends Message With First Short PURL From New Animated Division (VIDEO) Pixar's new endeavor makes two bold statements with its debut. The first is the endeavor itself: SparkShorts, a new animated division from the legendary studio that allows for (as they describe it in the video below) "indie filmmaking inside of Pixar." With a limited time and budget, animators within their team will be allowed [...]

Cinematographers Guild Releases List Of 100 Best Shot Films Of All Time (NEWS)

Film has always been, first and foremost, a visual medium, with cinematic language being honed well before sound was finally introduced to the format. Now, to celebrate that legacy, the American Society of Cinematographers -- which was founded on January 8, 1919 -- celebrates its 100th Anniversary as a professional industry guild with the release of [...]