Colin Trevorrow’s EPISODE IX Script Has Leaked. Here’s The Full Breakdown. (ANALYSIS)

It was bound to happen: the screenplay for Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly’s version of Star Wars: Episode IX has leaked. And it's true. All of it. A full draft of the script is nowhere to be downloaded (yet), but between the Reddit postings about its contents as well as other accountings by others who’ve gotten their hands on a [...]

Adam Sandler & The Safdie Brothers Drop New Short Film Online (VIDEO) The Safdie Brothers have cut another gem with Adam Sandler. Released on the heels of their critically-acclaimed collaboration Uncut Gems, NYC writer/director siblings Josh and Benny Safdie have dropped a bonus short film online that they made with Uncut star Adam Sandler. It has nothing to do with that intense feature-length drama they made [...]

Daisy Ridley Breaks Down THE LAST JEDI Throne Room Battle (VIDEO) Daisy Ridley is so cute and adorable -- with a British accent no less -- as she breaks down The Throne Room scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. During this 8-minute video from British GQ, Ridley takes us through the VFX-heavy action sequence, pausing along the way to provide commentary about how the [...]

E.T. Returns In Holiday Surprise From Xfinity (VIDEO) Well I didn't expect to be so completely, emotionally overwhelmed on Thanksgiving morning but that's exactly what happened when Comcast Cable subsidiary Xfinity dropped this blindside surprise: an E.T. / Elliott reunion, 37 years later. Getting something like this that you never thought you would is always the best kind of gift, and even [...]

Laurie Asks Jo To Dance In New LITTLE WOMEN Clip (VIDEO) We may have to wait until Christmas to see Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women, but Sony Pictures was nice enough to give giddy Alcott diehards exactly what they want: Laurie and Jo dancing. And it's totes adorbs. In a reunion of Gerwig's Lady Bird, Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan co-star (respectively) as the [...]

WIZARD OF OZ Week-Long Run In Dolby Atmos For 80th Anniversary (NEWS/IMAGES)

You could be off to see the wizard in a way that no one has before. In celebration of the classic film's 80th Anniversary, AMC Theatres is screening The Wizard of Oz nationwide in its exclusive Dolby Atmos experience. Most showings will be afternoon matinees, along with some evening options., from Friday October 25 to Wednesday [...]