WOMEN MAKE FILM Miniseries Is Film School On TCM / Criterion Channel (FILM FUN)

Filmmaking through the female gaze. In one of the most ambitious curations ever produced for television, Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Channel will be airing Women Make Film every Tuesday night during the fall of 2020, from September 1 to December 1. (See trailers for the series below.) In a nutshell, Women In Film [...]

Summer Blockbusted 2020: Now Playing…July 31 (FILM FUN/VIDEO)

Blockbusters, Prestige Oscar Contenders, an unqualified Masterpiece, and one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history. Welcome to The Final Week of Summer Blockbusted 2020. Due to unforeseen but necessary shifts in my personal calendar (which caused me to miss my entry for this series last week), I’m needing to cut short this curated alt-Summer Movie [...]

Zack Snyder Debuts Black Superman In JUSTICE LEAGUE Clip (VIDEO)

https://youtu.be/g_Kg6Cxwn18?t=2286 It's a blur. It's a tease. It's Black Superman. Director Zack Snyder debuted the first tease of Superman in Black Suit from his upcoming "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. The DCEU filmmaker's highly-anticipated original vision of the movie -- which underwent substantial rewrites and reshoots with writer/director Joss Whedon before it was released theatrically, [...]