Laurie Asks Jo To Dance In New LITTLE WOMEN Clip (VIDEO) We may have to wait until Christmas to see Greta Gerwig's adaptation of Little Women, but Sony Pictures was nice enough to give giddy Alcott diehards exactly what they want: Laurie and Jo dancing. And it's totes adorbs. In a reunion of Gerwig's Lady Bird, Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan co-star (respectively) as the [...]

WIZARD OF OZ Week-Long Run In Dolby Atmos For 80th Anniversary (NEWS/IMAGES)

You could be off to see the wizard in a way that no one has before. In celebration of the classic film's 80th Anniversary, AMC Theatres is screening The Wizard of Oz nationwide in its exclusive Dolby Atmos experience. Most showings will be afternoon matinees, along with some evening options., from Friday October 25 to Wednesday [...]

Call Theaters For GHOSTBUSTERS 35th Anniversary Fathom Event (FILM FUN) Who you gonna call? Your local multiplex -- if you want to see the original Ghostbusters back on the big screen, that is. To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the comedy classic that became the #1 surprise hit in the Summer of 1984 (topping the hyped Raiders sequel Indiana Jones and the Temple of [...]

DOWNTON Trio Can’t Stop Sniggering During Interview (VIDEO) The cast of Downton Abbey may be known for their propriety on-screen, but off-screen seems to be an entirely different matter. In this 8-minute conversation with Britain's Cinemaworld, Downton actors Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, and Allen Leech catch a severe case of the giggles. Once it starts to spread it's impossible to stop. But CAUTION: [...]

Spider-Ham Cartoon Short A Prequel To SPIDER-VERSE (VIDEO) An instant crowd favorite from the variety of Spider-Heroes in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse was Spider-Ham, the Porcine (and quasi-cannibalistic hot dog eating) alt-version of the webslinger, voiced by comedian John Mulaney. Smartly giving people more of what they want, Sony has just released a Spider-Ham cartoon short called Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham. [...]

DOWNTON ABBEY Recap: Six Seasons In Ten Minutes (VIDEO) So, you can't wait to see the new Downton Abbey movie BUUUUT you were never able to schedule that 6-season marathon rewatch you promised yourself or were even able have another go at the series finale. Or, God forbid, you've never even seen a single solitary episode in your life?! Well, no matter. Focus Features [...]

Discover The History Of The Real Downton Abbey (VIDEO) The long-awaited theatrical release of the Downton Abbey movie is almost here, which makes it a perfect time to resurrect this feature story by CBS Sunday Morning from 2013. (Click through with the "Watch this video on YouTube" option after pushing play.) It tells the history of Highclere Castle, a.k.a. the real Downton Abbey, [...]

Campers Get Dino Fight In JURASSIC WORLD Short Film (VIDEO) They're back...and they're everywhere. Working as a segue between Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the upcoming Jurassic World 3, the new 8-minute short film Battle At Big Rock is the first example of what the end of Fallen Kingdom teased: dinosaurs have escaped island quarantine and are now spreading out across the U.S. mainland and [...]