Terry Gilliam Finally Gets To Make His DON QUIXOTE Movie

Second time's a charm? One of the most infamous film-making disasters of all time was told with mesmerizing, heart-breaking detail in the 2002 documentary Lost In La Mancha. It captured the tale of ambitious director Terry Gilliam's failed, er, quixotic attempt to bring his take on the Don Quixote story to the screen. It's a compelling watch, especially since what [...]

Star Wars A NEW HOPE/THE FORCE AWAKENS Side-By-Side Comparison (VIDEO)

Fascinating or Indicting? Your reaction to this 4-minute shot-to-shot comparison (below) between Episode's IV and VII - aka A New Hope and The Force Awakens - will directly coincide with whether you thought the callbacks were intentional by thematic design (a good thing) or unoriginal fan service (a lazy thing, as argued here by Collider's Matt Goldberg - and the vitriolic [...]

THE IRON GIANT Blu-Ray Ultimate Collectors Edition (DETAILS/TRAILER)

In the fall of 2015, a new, longer remastered version of the animated classic The Iron Giant enjoyed a limited run in theaters. This fall, on September 6th, it hits blu-ray in Signature and Ultimate Editions. The Signature Edition (or "the normal blu-ray purchase") will have the 2015 re-release version (with additional scenes), as well as a high-def version [...]

Warner Bros. Releases First Deleted Scene From BATMAN V SUPERMAN (VIDEO)

Right on the heels of a huge opening weekend, the first deleted scene from Batman V Superman has been released by the studio (see below). And the more you know about DC canonical history, the more packed with potential the scene apparently is. SPOILERS! Titled "Communion", the 45-second creepy outtake - which will most certainly appear in [...]

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Crushes Spring Box Office Records (And More)

UPDATE: Final numbers came in $4 million lower than the Sunday estimates, lowering Batman V Superman's North American debut to $166.1 million. Two records have been updated accordingly, noted with an asterisk *. Talk about critic proof. Despite the doomsday response from film writers, audiences turned out in record-breaking droves to resurrect Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice from [...]

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Defies Critics; $180 Million U.S. Weekend Projected

In Snyder V Critics, director Zack seems immune to the kryptonite of a 29% Rotten Tomatoes average. Despite a critical bludgeoning, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn't simply on track to meet its $150 million 3-day projection; it's now expected to surpass it by at least $30 million on way to a possible $180 million opening weekend [...]