Terry Gilliam Finally Gets To Make His DON QUIXOTE Movie


Second time’s a charm?

One of the most infamous film-making disasters of all time was told with mesmerizing, heart-breaking detail in the 2002 documentary Lost In La Mancha. It captured the tale of ambitious director Terry Gilliam‘s failed, er, quixotic attempt to bring his take on the Don Quixote story to the screen. It’s a compelling watch, especially since what it reveals isn’t a filmmaker out of control but, rather, just how fragile any film production can be.

Well, now Paris-based Alfama Films has come on board to resurrect the once-doomed fantasy adventure. Titled The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (based on Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel), casting is now underway. Budgeted at 16 million Euros (roughly $18+ million dollars), it will begin shooting in Spain and Portugal this September…knock on wood.

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