Vanity Fair’s DUNE Coverage Is Melange For Dune Nerds (IMAGES/ARTICLE)

The latest Vanity Fair profile about the upcoming adaptation of Dune is like an Arrakian sand sea for you to worm your way through. Following yesterday's first look tease, VF writer Anthony Breznican and photojournalist Chiabella James offer a longer, more in-depth deep dive into director Denis Villeneuve's new take on Frank Herbert's legendary sci-fi [...]

IRISHMAN VFX Featurette Reveals ILM’s De-Aging Technology (VIDEO) Martin Scorsese's The Irishman is among the year's big Oscar heavyweights, having just scored 10 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture. One of the categories it's a contender in (and favored to win) is Best Visual Effects, for the groundbreaking digital de-aging by Industrial Light & Magic. In this extended 13-minute featurette, Scorsese and his [...]

1917 Featurette Shows How Filmmakers Made A “One Shot” Epic (VIDEO) Hot off a #1 wide release debut, a Best Picture - Drama win at the Golden Globes, and on the cusp of major Oscar nominations, Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) finds his new World War I epic 1917 one of the most buzzed about films of the awards season. At the core [...]

Lucasfilm Prez Kathleen Kennedy Talks Trevorrow Firing From Episode IX (FILM NEWS)

Well that's...a reason. In an interview with Gizmodo, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy goes on the record about the firing of Colin Trevorrow, the first writer / director of Star Wars: Episode IX. Rumors swirled that Trevorrow was not casting a clear vision in the early stages of the development for the finale and, in addition, [...]

Daisy Ridley Breaks Down THE LAST JEDI Throne Room Battle (VIDEO) Daisy Ridley is so cute and adorable -- with a British accent no less -- as she breaks down The Throne Room scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. During this 8-minute video from British GQ, Ridley takes us through the VFX-heavy action sequence, pausing along the way to provide commentary about how the [...]

Filmmakers Talk Fred Rogers & A BEAUTIFUL DAY In BTS Featurette (VIDEO) A beautiful day in the multiplex is almost here, with a new behind-the-scenes featurette to help remind us. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, inspired by the true story of a reporter whose life wass changed while doing a feature on Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks), has garnered exactly the kind of nostalgic accolades you'd [...]

Featurette For 1917 Gives Sneak Peak To One-Take Approach (VIDEO) Step aside, Birdman. Sam Mendes is taking the feature-length one-shot approach outdoors and into war. 1917, co-written and directed by Mendes (an Academy-Award winner for American Beauty and helmer of hits like Skyfall), is the story of two British soliders during World War I who are sent on a dangerous mission across the European [...]

DOWNTON Trio Can’t Stop Sniggering During Interview (VIDEO) The cast of Downton Abbey may be known for their propriety on-screen, but off-screen seems to be an entirely different matter. In this 8-minute conversation with Britain's Cinemaworld, Downton actors Michelle Dockery, Laura Carmichael, and Allen Leech catch a severe case of the giggles. Once it starts to spread it's impossible to stop. But CAUTION: [...]

Leo & Quentin’s Deep Dive Convo About ONCE UPON A TIME’s Rick Dalton (VIDEO) I was mixed on aspects of Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood, but not with any of the characters. The central performances are particularly strong, especially Leonardo DiCaprio's as Rick Dalton, a fading TV Western star caught in the crosshairs of Tinseltown's transition from heroes to anti-heroes at the dawn of the 1970s. [...]