Carrie Fisher Tribute & John Williams STAR WARS Concert: Star Wars Celebration 2017 (VIDEO) Day 1's main event at Star Wars Celebration 2017 was capped off by a moving tribute to Carrie Fisher by Star Wars creator George Lucas and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, who set up a tribute video. It was followed by a surprise Star Wars concert conducted by John Williams. You can watch the "40 [...]

The Full “40 Years Of Star Wars” Panel From Star Wars Celebration 2017 (VIDEO) The Original Crew is back - including creator George Lucas - to talk about the four-decade legacy of Star Wars. This is the complete panel discussion from Star Wars Celebration 2017. It was followed by a moving Carrie Fisher Tribute and Star Wars Concert - conducted by John Williams himself - in a video you can [...]

LA LA LAND and MOONLIGHT Directors Share Variety Cover – For A Very Cool Reason

The grace that the filmmakers of La La Land showed to those of Moonlight - in the midst of the biggest gut-punching "psyche" job to ever play out on a global stage - didn't end on Oscar night. Every year post-Oscars, Variety (the legendary Hollywood trade publication) puts the Academy Award winner for Best Director on its cover. This year, that honor goes [...]

Awards Chatter Podcast: 22 Episodes With 22 Oscar Nominees (AWARDS 2016/LINKS)

The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast - hosted by Scott Feinberg - has another full season of Awards Season interviews under its belt: 22 in total for the 2016 race. Nominees interviewed include Denzel Washington, Emma Stone, Barry Jenkins, Casey Affleck, Damien Chazelle, Andrew Garfield, and many many more. These are serious conversations about the actual craft, process, and art of filmmaking, not the gossip fluff. It's [...]

Variety Studio ACTORS ON ACTORS Online Series Debuts For 2016 Awards Season (VIDEOS)

It's Oscar time again, and Hollywood trade publication Variety has another season of their Actors on Actors series to go with it. Better and more interesting than the fluff you get on late night, these conversations are artists talking about their art as well as the life of working in the business. The setup is simple but the [...]

People & Politics On The Deepwater Horizon: A Conversation With Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson

It's a pleasant fall Sunday afternoon in New Orleans on the edge of the French Quarter, and Kurt Russell is pissed. We're talking about his new movie, Deepwater Horizon, on the eve of its official world premiere (attended by actual survivors of the petroleum disaster, along with family members of those who didn't) and I [...]

Mel Gibson Talks PASSION follow-up RESURRECTION (VIDEO)

It's not a sequel. Or, more to the point, as director Mel Gibson puts it, "It's not The Passion 2". While promoting his upcoming World War II movie Hacksaw Ridge, Gibson spoke with pastor Greg Laurie at the SoCal Harvest conference, held at Laurie's Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California. During the nearly 10-minute conversation [...]

Spielberg On The Life Or Death Of Indiana Jones, His WEST SIDE STORY, & More (INTERVIEW)

Steven Spielberg isn't saying much about Indy 5, but he will confirm if the popular archeologist finally lives or dies. In a lengthy feature story about the Big Famous Director - in conjunction with the release of his latest movie The BFG - The Hollywood Reporter looks at Spielberg the filmmaker and mogul, exploring where he's been, where [...]

My Conversation With The Director of THE YOUNG MESSIAH

"I understand why people are skeptical, and why many of them bring their theological checklists.” - director Cyrus Nowrasteh, on reactions by Christians to recent Hollywood Bible movies The Young Messiah, the new film about Jesus at the age of 7 (based on Anne Rice's novel "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt"), opens in theaters on Friday March [...]

DOWNTON ABBEY: THE MOVIE? A Post-Finale Interview with Julian Fellowes and Gareth Neame (INTERVIEW LINK)

Could it be? Or are fans being setup for an Edith-style heartbreak? In an in-depth post-finale interview with Downton Abbey writer/creator Julian Fellowes and Executive Producer Gareth Neame, here's what the duo told Variety about the prospect of a Downton movie: Fellowes: I’m completely up for a movie. There are various considerations, which of the cast would be [...]