Featurette For 1917 Gives Sneak Peak To One-Take Approach (VIDEO)

Step aside, Birdman. Sam Mendes is taking the feature-length one-shot approach outdoors and into war.

1917, co-written and directed by Mendes (an Academy-Award winner for American Beauty and helmer of hits like Skyfall), is the story of two British soliders during World War I who are sent on a dangerous mission across the European war-savaged landscape.

To immerse viewers into the experience, Mendes ambitiously set out to give the entire film a “one take” effect. While not filmed that way in the literal sense, long and complicated takes will be seamlessly stitched together to achieve the effect of following the two soldiers in real time.

In this new featurette, Mendes and his collaborators (including legendary, Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins) give a peak into the process of how that was achieved.

1917 opens in limited release during the heart of awards season on Christmas Day, and then go wide on January 10, 2020.

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