BATMAN V SUPERMAN Crushes Spring Box Office Records (And More)

BVS trio

UPDATE: Final numbers came in $4 million lower than the Sunday estimates, lowering Batman V Superman‘s North American debut to $166.1 million. Two records have been updated accordingly, noted with an asterisk *.

Talk about critic proof.

Despite the doomsday response from film writers, audiences turned out in record-breaking droves to resurrect Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice from the Good Friday critical drubbing it received. The DC Universe blockbuster opened to $166.1 million in North America and over $424 million worldwide.

Here’s a brief rundown of the box office marks that Batman V Superman set:

  • Biggest March opening ever (previous: The Hunger Games, $152.5 million)
  • Biggest Easter opener ever (previous: Furious 7, $147.1 million)
  • Biggest DC Comics opener ever (previous: The Dark Knight Rises, $160.8 million)
  • *Second biggest Warner Bros. opener ever (Biggest: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, $169.1 million)
  • *Seventh biggest domestic debut of all time
  • Fourth biggest global debut of all time

In addition to all of that, BvS‘s $166.1 million haul came in the shadow of a 29% Rotten Tomatoes average. Prior to this, no film with a rating lower than 63% from RT had ever opened to $150 million or more. The Cinemascore audience grade of “B” further defined the gulf between critics and moviegoers.

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