BATGIRL Set Photos Reveal Keaton’s DC Multiverse Batman (IMAGES)

Michael Keaton is back as Batman in behind the scenes set photos from BATGIRL, the upcoming HBO Max multiverse DC movie.

(UPDATE: On August 2, 2022, Warner Bros canceled the release of Batgirl. Despite having been filmed, the movie will not appear on any platform, whether theatrical, HBO Max, or home video. Read the full story here. The article below remains as originally published.)

(To watch the first leaked set footage of Batgirl, click here.)

(Watch the latest trailer for The Flash, with all-new footage of Michael Keaton as Batman.)

He’s Batman. And he’s got a new suit.

In leaked photos (see gallery below) from the upcoming Batgirl movie — another upcoming chapter in the expanding DC multiverse — Michael Keaton‘s Batman is finally seen for the first time in action in the batsuit.

It’s the first full glimpse at Keaton (and/or action body doubles) reprising the role of the Burton-era Batman. Previous photo leaks from DC’s other multiverse movie The Flash only revealed Keaton as a now-older Bruce Wayne.

The latest iteration of Keaton’s Batman is both familiar and new. While instantly recognizable as Keaton’s Batman, this updated batsuit has specific contours and accents all its own. But what hasn’t changed is the all-black color and the look of the bat-emblem chest-piece.

Further emphasizing the extent of DC multiverse is the other actor in the photo leaks: J.K. Simmons, who is the Commissioner Gordon of the Snyderverse. The photos don’t make quite clear if Keaton’s Batman is in the DCEU Gotham or if Gordon and Batgirl are somehow in the Keaton / Burton Gotham, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Starring Leslie Grace (In The Heights) in the title role and Brendan Fraser as the villain Firefly, Batgirl is set to debut exclusively on HBO Max later in 2022.

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6 thoughts on “BATGIRL Set Photos Reveal Keaton’s DC Multiverse Batman (IMAGES)

  1. If they went ahead with Pattinson as Batman 🤢 and Miller as Flash 🙄, how bad could Batgirl have been?

  2. I say release it and let us make up our decision. May not make its money back….but anything is better than zero….

    1. WB’s official reasoning is that it’s not a financial savings decision but rather a long term branding and creative decision. My hunch is that the story must’ve been so far from where the new leadership wanted to take the DCU that it would’ve messed up where they are charting characters and narratives.

      That said, I think that concern is misplaced. We’re used to reboots all the time. Im skeptical that this would’ve completely ruined plans for future “canon.”

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