Bourne is back – and so is Damon.

After one film away from the Bourne saga, Matt Damon returns along with director Paul Greengrass to resurrect amnesic super spy Jason Bourne. Moving away from the series of title tags (“Identity”, “Supremacy”, etc.), this 5th chapter in the franchise simply goes by the alias identity itself: Jason Bourne. The film’s first official trailer is here (see below).

While offering up what appears to be more of the same, that should be a good thing in this case, particularly with Damon and Greengrass back. Add to them the return of Julia Stiles plus the addition of Oscar winners Tommy Lee Jones (in full Fugitive mode) and Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl, Ex Machina), and Jason Bourne looks to be yet another satisfying action flick that rewards our brains as much as our vicarious thrill-seeking.

Sandwiched between the releases of Star Trek Beyond and Ghostbusters on one weekend and Suicide Squad on the other, Jason Bourne opens this summer on July 29,2016.

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