The Deceptive Photo-Real Magic Of THE JUNGLE BOOK – Behind The Scenes (VIDEO)


Filmed in Downtown Los Angeles.

That’s the most staggering credit for the new box office juggernaut live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book. The term “live-action” is a bit deceiving, though, given that most of this world is entirely fake. But it’d have to be, since the story is set entirely in a real jungle and not the “urban” one of L.A. The end result, essentially, is a feature length visual effect – and it’s the most photo-real one to date.

“The goal here is for people to not know what’s real and what’s not real.” – director Jon Favreau

Mission accomplished, Jon. But this 2 1/2 minute behind-the-scenes video gives us a much better idea, and the realization is staggering.

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