No Shockers As Screen Actors Follow Awards Season Script (AWARDS 2019)

As predictable as a Hollywood formula, the Screen Actors Guild handed out acting awards to the presumptive favorites in four individual categories, and a leading Best Picture contender from their five cast nominees. Joaquin Phoenix, Renee Zellweger, Laura Dern and Brad Pitt all won their respective awards in leading and supporting categories, just as they [...]

Writer’s Guild Nominees Cue Up Oscar Contending Screenplays (AWARDS 2019)

Of all the industry guilds, the Writers is the biggest wild card. Snubs aren't only normal; they're ingrained into the legalese of the org's eligibility rules. That's why you won't see Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood among this year's nominees. Another possible Oscar contender not eligible here: Lulu Wang's The Farewell. Due to arcane [...]