E.T. Returns In Holiday Surprise From Xfinity (VIDEO)

Well I didn’t expect to be so completely, emotionally overwhelmed on Thanksgiving morning but that’s exactly what happened when Comcast Cable subsidiary Xfinity dropped this blindside surprise: an E.T. / Elliott reunion, 37 years later.

Getting something like this that you never thought you would is always the best kind of gift, and even with the crass marketing on the front end of this 4-minute mini-movie it is so worth it — and something to be thankful for.

The deep affection for that Spielberg film, and these characters, all comes flooding back as we see E.T. and Elliott reunite once again, but now with adult Elliott and his family. And at the holidays, no less! It’s all just too much!!! (But in the best kind of way.)

Don’t stream this on your phone or even an iPad or computer. Watch this on the biggest screen you can for full effect, because whoever directed this definitely recaptured the Spielberg magic — with a huge assist from John Williams’ original music, and a Henry Thomas who’s still so clearly, deeply connected to these characters.

And of course, to see this on Thanksgiving serves as a great reminder to phone home. Happy Holidays.

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