AUTISM IN LOVE Streaming On Netflix


April is Autism Awareness Month, and one of the best ways you can engage the topic is currently streaming on Netflix. It’s the 75-minute documentary called Autism In Love.

Tracking three different stories, at three different stages of adulthood, the film does more than just reveal the unique challenges of Autistic adults who are searching for romance and marriage. This documentary uses love as a very personal entry point to become as good a primer on Autism itself as you’re likely to see.

If you don’t know someone with Autism and want to better empathize with what “life on the spectrum” is like, Autism In Love is a fascinating – at times heartbreaking – and deeply moving resource.

WARNING: there is some occasional adult language and profanity, including one scene @45 minutes in where a young Autistic man talks about a brief encounter with a prostitute. Some sexually frank terms are used during that interview clip, which takes place in a diner.

And once you’ve seen the film – but not before! – visit PBS’s web page for Autism In Love. It premiered on their documentary series Independent Lens, and their web page provides additional content about Autism and the people in the film, including follow-ups to some of their lives after the film was made. SPOILERS are on the main page of the web site, so do not visit until you’ve watched the movie.

(NOTE: Autism In Love is also available to rent through Amazon, but is not available as free for their Prime members.)

Autism in Love

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