Gripes Of “THE FORCE AWAKENS is just a NEW HOPE carbon copy” Seriously Need To Stop (VIDEO)

To everyone who's been complaining that The Force Awakens is just a lazy New Hope redux: STOP! Please read - and watch (video below) - the following. If you still have something to complain about, then at least you'll be complaining about the right thing. (I also addressed this at more length in my Force Awakens breakdown/predictions [...]

WRITERS GUILD Noms Marked By Big Exclusions (AWARDS 2015)

There's a lot of big Oscar contenders missing from The Writers Guild of America's list of Best Screenplay nominees...but then that's par for the course, given the guild's extremely picky rules (nominees must be guild members, must be working under their jurisdiction, etc.). Quentin Tarantino, for example, hasn't been eligible for years (he's not a guild member), yet while [...]

Grumpy George Lucas Disses The New STAR WARS Movie (VIDEO)

Based on how different The Force Awakens is from the Star Wars prequels - both in tone and visual style - it should come as no surprise that creator George Lucas doesn't particularly care for the latest entry into the saga that he began. Still, to hear him actually say it is another thing. After Episode VII's premiere, at which the most praise [...]

Oscar Harbinger PRODUCERS GUILD Nominates 10 for Best Picture (AWARDS 2015)

Straight Outta Compton is a lock for a Best Picture nomination. That's basically the major tea leaf from today's announcement by the Producers Guild of America for their Best Film nominees of 2015. Traditionally, this guild's choices are virtually the equivalent of the Academy's Best Picture slot, and while the picks between the two don't always line up 1-to-1, [...]

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Is The Most Anticipated Movie of 2016

No disturbance in the Force here: on the cusp of The Force Awakens becoming The Biggest Movie Ever, the upcoming first-ever Star Wars Anthology film is now the most anticipated movie of 2016. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - which opens nationwide on Friday, December 16th, 2016 - will be the first non-episode "stand alone" live action feature in the franchise's history. Set [...]

Nat’l Society Of Film Critics Name SPOTLIGHT Best Pic; CREED’s Michael B. Jordan Best Actor

After two weeks of Star Wars: The Force Awakens dominating the cinema world - and a pause in the year-end critics group awards during that same time - The National Society of Film Critics have resumed the Oscar race on January 3rd by naming Spotlight the Best Film of 2015. While no film has swept the various Oscar harbingers, [...]