New Year’s Day Sees FORCE AWAKENS Soar Past JURASSIC WORLD and TITANIC On All-Time List

It only took 15 days for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to become the 2nd Biggest Movie of All Time.

New Year’s Day was one of celebration for everyone, including those at Lucasfilm and Disney as The Force Awakens took in another $34 million to launch past Jurassic World ($652.3 million) and Titanic ($658.7 million) to take the #2 slot on the All-Time Domestic Box Office list. The blockbuster juggernaut has a staggering two-week-plus total haul of $686.4 million.

That now leaves #1 Avatar ($760.4 million) as the last one to vanquish, and it will fall soon. With only a $74 million gap between the two, James Cameron’s sci-fi fantasy will likely end its reign within a few days, possibly as early as Monday.

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