Modern Day EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Trailer Gives All The Chills

This has been circulating around for a little while but, if you haven’t seen it yet, watching it fresh off the thrills of The Force Awakens is perfect timing.

Taking the music and edit structure of the final full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, here’s a fan-made modern trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. It will send chills from head to toe and back again in any Star Wars die-hard.

Of course, I’m also going to take the liberty to nitpick and suggest what could’ve given it an extra punch right at the end (read after watching): in the final shot, as Luke lifts his lightsaber to face Vader in the Dagobah cave, I would love to have heard his line of dialogue to Yoda underneath, “I won’t fail you! I’m not afraid!” Then cut to black, and as the movie’s title logo comes up, you hear Yoda’s eerie response, “Yeeeeeah…you will be. You will be.”

But this without that is still way cool. (So, too, is the version for Return Of The Jedi, which follows the same template.)

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