BATMAN V SUPERMAN Takes Steep Drop In 2nd Weekend; Falls 69%

UPDATE: Batman V Superman's 10-day worldwide total is $683 million, a positive figure in light of the North American decline. The asterisk paragraph (*) includes information related to this global tally. Also, the Sunday estimate of a 68% drop was adjusted after final numbers came in Monday. The drop was officially 69%, making nearly $7 million less [...]

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Crushes Spring Box Office Records (And More)

UPDATE: Final numbers came in $4 million lower than the Sunday estimates, lowering Batman V Superman's North American debut to $166.1 million. Two records have been updated accordingly, noted with an asterisk *. Talk about critic proof. Despite the doomsday response from film writers, audiences turned out in record-breaking droves to resurrect Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice from [...]

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Defies Critics; $180 Million U.S. Weekend Projected

In Snyder V Critics, director Zack seems immune to the kryptonite of a 29% Rotten Tomatoes average. Despite a critical bludgeoning, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn't simply on track to meet its $150 million 3-day projection; it's now expected to surpass it by at least $30 million on way to a possible $180 million opening weekend [...]

DEADPOOL $150 Million Weekend; Rated R Comicbook Movies Here To Stay

Brace yourselves: we're about to get an onslaught of R-rated superhero movies. More than doubling the highest weekend projections of $70 million, the "adults-only" (yeah, right) superhero action-flick Deadpool took in $150 million over the 4-day President's Day weekend (with a Valentine's holiday boost). Heavy on graphic violence, strong language, and sexual content (verbal and visual), [...]

THE FORCE AWAKENS Crosses $900 Million Mark In North America

It was expected, but it's still mind-boggling. Not even two months into its release, Star Wars: The Force Awakens crossed the once unimaginable $900 million threshold at the domestic box office over the weekend. Finishing Sunday with a $906 million North American total, the unstoppable blockbuster has far surpassed the previous $760.5 million benchmark set by [...]