ENDGAME Obliterates Box Office With Billion Dollar-Plus Debut (NEWS)

  For Avengers: Endgame, dusting box office records was a snap. Audiences assembled around the world as Avengers: Endgame -- the final chapter in the first decade-plus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- set a new opening weekend record gross of $1.2 billion dollars. That's double the record set a year ago by Avengers: Infinity War. [...]

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Scores Biggest Opening Ever At $258 Million, Puts FORCE AWAKENS Record To Sleep (BOX OFFICE)

UPDATED FINAL NUMBERS: Thanos may have been a tough foe, but the Force wasn't. This movie's got some serious stones. Avengers: Infinity War, the cliffhanging "beginning of the end" for the current Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline, hauled in $258 million at the North American box office over its opening three-day weekend, beating previous record holder [...]

DOCTOR STRANGE Soars Supreme w/$85 Million; TROLLS Parties & RIDGE Fights (BOX OFFICE)

Marvel reaps familiar results with a strange debut as Benedict Cumberbatch works some magic to defy low box office projections. Forecast to take in anywhere from $55-to-$75 million, Doctor Strange far exceeded expectations with $85 million over its first three days. The third best debut for any movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (trailing Iron Man's $98.6 million and Guardians [...]

Debut Projections Not Magical For DOCTOR STRANGE and FANTASTIC BEASTS

Two of the biggest brands in all of Moviedom are tracking for so-so launches. That perspective is, of course, extremely relative, but still interesting to see in context of their brand histories, particularly when you also consider the growth of higher IMAX and 3D ticket prices in recent years. Doctor Strange, the latest evolution in [...]

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Takes Steep Drop In 2nd Weekend; Falls 69%

UPDATE: Batman V Superman's 10-day worldwide total is $683 million, a positive figure in light of the North American decline. The asterisk paragraph (*) includes information related to this global tally. Also, the Sunday estimate of a 68% drop was adjusted after final numbers came in Monday. The drop was officially 69%, making nearly $7 million less [...]