New NOPE Trailer Reveals Plot Premise For Sci-Fi Thriller (VIDEO/POSTERS)

The full trailer for Jordan Peele’s NOPE reveals a sci-fi invasion thriller with a comic twist. It opens July 2022.

Jordan Peele is about to give us a close encounter.

Nope, the third feature film from the Oscar-winning writer / director of Get Out and Us, is going to be Peele’s spin on the alien invasion movie.

That’s no surprise, based on the initial teaser launched earlier this year. What’s interesting about this first full trailer, though, is how Peele’s protagonists — an African-American sister / brother team (Keke Palmer, Oscar winner Daniel Kaluuya) that provides professional horse services for Hollywood productions — chooses to engage their close encounter of the third kind: they want to secretly document it on video as part of a get-rich scheme.

As this trailer shows, it’s that element that Peele looks to exploit for comedic purposes. Indeed, this preview offers up a lot more humor and sass than audiences were likely expecting from the previous (and cryptic) marketing materials.

An abundance of thrills, scares and suspense remain, too, along with notably intense emotional peaks.

It all looks like this has the makings of a great summer movie experience that, more than likely, will offer up some sly and penetrating social commentary (just as Peele’s two previous genre films have).

Co-starring Steven Yeun, Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Wrenn Schmidt and Keith David, Nope opens in theaters on July 22, 2022.

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