Lucasfilm Releases First INDY 5 Image; Release Date Set (IMAGES)

The first official photo for INDY 5 was released at a big Lucasfilm event that included Harrison Ford and John Williams.

The man in the hat is back…in silhouette.

Lucasfilm released the first official image (see below) from Indy 5, the latest adventure in the forty-year-old franchise (and likely the last crusade for star Harrison Ford). Unofficial set photos leaked during production (which has now wrapped) including these, these, these, and these.

While no title was announced at the Star Wars Celebration event that Indy crashed, it was confirmed that the score will be composed by 90-year-old legend John Williams. The release date was also moved up from the previously announced late July 2023 window. Now it will open a month earlier on June 30, 2023 for the long 4th of July holiday weekend.

James Mangold (Logan, Ford V Ferrari, Walk The Line) has taken over the directing reins from Steven Spielberg, who’s still attached as a producer. This will be the first Indy movie without any official involvement from creator George Lucas.

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  1. Enjoyable as he has been, it is way past time for Harrison to retire and a new actor to be Indiana Jones. I suggest Chris Pratt from the Jurassic Park films.

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