First FLASH Teaser Teases A Lot (VIDEO/IMAGES)

Ezra Miller returns to the DC Universe as Barry Allen, meeting Michael Keaton’s Batman in this first teaser for THE FLASH.

It’s just a glimpse, but it’s a very revealing one.

In the first teaser for The Flash, which debuted during the online fan event DC Fandome, we see the setup of what has already been established: Ezra Miller‘s Flash from the Snyderverse has traveled into a multiverse, landing in the dimension of Michael Keaton‘s Batman.

Here, we see Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) drive up to Old Bruce’s Wayne Manor, accompanied by that timeline’s Flash and Supergirl, played by Miller and Sasha Calle. The mansion is seemingly abandoned as we hear Keaton’s Bruce asking Barry questions about why he’s here.

While we only get a peak at the back of Keaton’s bat cowl, it’s the sight of another cowl (the one worn by Ben Affleck) that is the most intriguing: it lies on the ground, in a splatter of blood. It would seem the motive for Barry’s multiverse traveling could be to bring “Batfleck” back to life, and he seeks to recruiting Keaton’s Batman to help him.

Watch the trailer above and see if you agree.

The Flash won’t open in theaters until June 23, 2023, delayed from its original release date of November 4, 2022.

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