Vehicles, Gold Ring Reveal Plot Details For THE FLASH (IMAGES)

New photos from the set of THE FLASH appear to confirm minor but intriguing spoilers.

First we saw Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. Now, we see his car.

No, it’s not the Batmobile, but new images from the London set of The Flash (see gallery below) reveal the sleek Mercedes Benz that Bruce Wayne is driving.

Other vehicle snapshots, however, reveal even more intriguing details.

On the same streets as Bruce’s Benz, there are cabs, buses, police cars and more — from Central City (the home of Barry Allen / The Flash), not Gotham City.

In the film’s multiverse premise, it was generally assumed that Barry Allen would travel to the alt-reality of Bruce’s “Tim Burton” Gotham City. That may still be true, but these set photos reveal the opposite: that Bruce has traveled to the Central City of Barry’s universe.

The reason we know it’s Barry’s Central City and not the one in Bruce’s alt-verse is confirmed by what another vehicle reveals: a Central City bus that prominently displays a charity ad featuring Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman as the celebrity endorser.

To be clear, traveling to Gotham is still more than likely (and possibly even in both universes). The interesting “spoiler” here, though, is that Keaton’s Bruce travels out of his universe and into Barry’s.

And there’s more.

In other photos of star Ezra Miller, his Barry Allen character can be seen wearing a gold ring on the index finger of his left hand. The design of that ring looks like the one used by Allen in the Flash comics that holds his Flash costume. I don’t know exactly how the physics of that works, but in this movie it could be made possible by tech from Wayne Industries.

Directed by Andy Muschietti (the IT films) and currently in production, The Flash is scheduled to open in theaters next fall on November 4, 2022.

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