NO TIME TO DIE Shaken Again, Stirs To November 2021 (FILM NEWS)

The new James Bond film NO TIME TO DIE has been delayed for a third time. It’s now set for a Fall 2021 theatrical release.

When Daniel Craig‘s last James Bond film finally opens in theaters, it’ll do so a full 18 months after it had been originally scheduled to launch.

First set to open in April 2020, then November 2020, then April 2021, No Time To Die is now rumored to be moving again to a November 2021 release. While the announcement has yet to be official, theaters in Europe have been prepped for the change and numerous media outlets are running with the buzz (including Deadline).

The latest (and hopefully last) shift comes as the coronavirus still rages in the U.S. and around the world. COVID vaccinations are also taking longer to roll out. This one-two punch has officially served as the knockout blow for Hollywood’s once hoped-for spring revival of movie theaters.

This news comes one day after Morbius, Sony’s dark Spider-Verse vampire thriller starring Jared Leto, was moved from March to October 2021.

In my observations of that delay and the dominos that would certainly follow, I broke down what spring-and-early-summer movies would most likely stick to (or be bumped from) their current big screen release dates.

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