The Cheetah Is Revealed In Latest Trailer For WONDER WOMAN 1984 (VIDEO/IMAGES)


In the latest trailer for a movie that should be premiering on home video right now after a summer blockbuster run (thanks, COVID!), the delayed DC Extended Universe sequel Wonder Woman 1984 saw its new trailer released at the DC FanDome.

The Amazonian superhero stars in her second stand alone adventure, now set in the titular year following the original’s World War I origin setting. Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman Diana Prince, alongside a resurrected Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), as they face off against new villain Barbara Ann Minvera, a.k.a. The Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), whose all-digital feline alter ego is finally revealed for the first time.

Minevera’s Cheetah is described as an apex predator, a mysterious new lifeform that seems to have been made possible by the film’s other villain Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), a media mogul/ TV celebrity that, judging by some of the clips here, may have Presidential aspirations ala Donald Trump.

The details of the plot, premise, and primary danger remain vague, but that’s a good thing. This trailer does exactly what one should do: tease enough of the idea and characters without giving too much away.

The biggest question it answers to me is what would comedian Kristen Wiig’s performance be like as a formidable villain. Based on what we see here, it feels like Wiig brings a lot more to the role than the visual effects team did. The Cheetah is another annoying digital creation that feels like it came from the reject pile of Cats, but Wiig’s performance (much of which is gleaned more through voice over than visual) is what I found intriguing.

Her vocal pitch is in a surprisingly deep register here, yet done with such command and authority that I honestly wouldn’t have guessed it was Wiig simply by the sound of her voice. I’m hyped to see more of her as Barbara Minvera.

Conversely, I wish the look of her digital Cheetah would get better by release but, given that we’re seeing clips from an already-delayed finished product, that ship has sailed and this is what we’re left with.

In the big picture, though, that’s one VFX gripe is something I can live with as everything else seems to fit right in with the fun yet sincere tone that writer/director Patty Jenkins set for the 2017 original.

Although the trailer hedges its bets on when the film will open (no specific release date is cited), Wonder Woman 1984 is still scheduled to hit theaters on October 2, 2020. (UPDATE: it is now slated to open on December 25, 2020.)

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