Bill Murray And Rashida Jones Are ON THE ROCKS In New Sophia Coppola Film (VIDEO/TRAILER)

It’s a marriage lost in translation.

That’s the premise of writer/director Sophia Coppola‘s new arthouse dramedy On The Rocks. Bill Murray, who memorably teamed with Coppola almost twenty years ago for Lost in Translation, stars with and Parks & Rec‘s Rashida Jones as a father and daughter who reconnect in New York City when he suspects that her husband (Marlon Wayans) may be cheating on her.

Despite the heavy subject matter, there’s a lighter touch on display in this first trailer (above) than is common to Coppola’s films, which generally lean more heavily into melancholy. No doubt that sobering trait is being minimized here for marketing purposes but, nevertheless, based on Murray’s breezy cavalier turn it would appear that Coppola is looking to have some fun even as she examines fidelity.

Along with the first trailer, the indie band Phoenix debuted the song “Identical” which they wrote for the film; you can see the music video below. Phoenix also composed the film’s entire score.

From premier indie distributor A24, On The Rocks will open simultaneously in theaters and on Apple TV+ this fall in October (actual release date still pending).

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