Full Batsuit, Batbike Revealed In Leaked On-Set Photos (IMAGES)

Well that’s…a suit.

Seemingly unauthorized, photos of the full new Batsuit and Batcycle from director Matt Reeves‘ forthcoming The Batman appeared online. (See gallery below.) This follows an official tease of the batsuit from Reeves, as worn by star Robert Pattinson, in a camera test video that Reeves posted online. It’s set to a music cue from composer Michael Giacchino.

The latest images were taken on set at the Necropolis cemetery in Glasgow, Scotland where the film is currently in production. They come from professional photographer Andrew Milligan who dropped them unceremoniously onto Getty Images. That would seem to suggest that Warner Bros., Reeves, and the producers were taken off guard by the leak. The series of photos show a stunt driver (not Pattinson) in full Bat costume during a scene involving a ride on the Batcycle through a cemetery.

I gotta say…I’m not a fan.

I find the look to be the least interesting of the modern batsuits, dating back to Michael Keaton‘s in 1989. This one appears to be a more literal “suit of armor” than even Christian Bale‘s was, and with a pointy cowl that doesn’t look all too menacing. (Those thin horns are weak.)

It could be worse, I guess, but it’s not particularly distinct or original, just sort of a mishmash of past black-and-gray designs spit out by a blender.

Curiously, Batman isn’t wearing a cape. We’ll have to wait to see if that’s just a specific precaution that Bruce Wayne takes when riding the Batcycle, or if the cape is something that this new Batman ditches with some regularity.

Or the most likely reason, tweeted in a reply from Adam Palmer:

Adam Palmer on Twitter

@CantUnseeMovie My guess is: cape was unsafe/unfelpful for riding and will be added digitally in postproduction.

The Batman opens next year on June 25, 2021.

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