Deepfake Puts Tom Holland & Robert Downey, Jr. In BACK TO THE FUTURE (VIDEO)

Spider-Man and Iron Man as…Marty McFly and Doc Brown?! Great Scott!!!

YouTuber EZRyderX47, the latest onliner to take a stab at deepfake technology, is having some fun with Back to the Future — and it’s legitimately inspired.

In a clip from the original BTTF, the faces of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have been replaced by those from Marvel’s favorie mentor/mentee duo of Robert Downey, Jr. and Tom Holland, in the roles of Doc Brown and Marty McFly. Whoa, this is heavy.

And boy does it work.

The roles are perfectly recast, and seeing it sparks some interesting new possibilities for both actors, especially as it frames Holland as a modern-day Fox. I’d never considered that before, but he totally is.

And that’s not all. Below is another Back to the Future deepfake video of a scene from Part II, but now Doc Brown is played by Jim Carrey — and he proves to be just as perfect.

While I wouldn’t be a fan of remaking any of the films from the original trilogy, I’d definitely be down for completely new Marty & Doc adventures starring Holland and Downey or Carrey (I’d choose Carrey, if I were casting). These deepfakes sure make a convincing case for it.

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