More Creatures In Pixar’s Latest ONWARD Trailer (VIDEO)

If you’ve seen the previous previews for Pixar’s Onward (here, here, and here), you’re not going to learn anything new in the latest one. It’s still a father-and-sons story set in a hybrid world of fantasy and suburbia.

The voices of Tom Holland and Christ Pratt star as elvish brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot who go on a quest to bring their dead father back to life. Joining them is…the bottom half of their father’s body. Comedy-adventure ensues, with healthy doses of sentiment.

In this latest trailer, we basically get more of a look at this premise than we have before, including new characters and an array of creatures. It’s all well and fine but it feels more akin to the genre subversion sensibilities of old DreamWorks efforts (aka like sub-par Pixar).

In addition, the fantasy element would feel more exciting if this had been made fifteen years ago in the wake of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But hey, it should be a good time at the movies for the family at least.

Co-starring the voices of Julia Louis-DreyfusOctavia SpencerLena WaitheAli WongMel Rodriguez, and John Ratzenberger, Onward opens on March 6, 2020.

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