Entire Disney+ Catalog Highlighted In 3+ Hour YouTube Video (VIDEO)

Well, that’s one way to tell the world what’s in store — if you have over three hours, that is.

Disney+ has posted a video equal to the run-time of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, a massive preview for every movie, TV series, and special that will be a part of their highly-anticipated streaming launch on November 12.

Yep, that means a clip from every Disney classic (animated and live action), every television series (new and old), every bit of Pixar / Marvel / Star Wars content, the family films from their newly acquired 20th Century Fox vault (The Sound of Music and Miracle on 34th Street among them), as well as brand new feature films like the Christmas-comedy Noelle to the live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp.

And a whole lot more, from every Don Knotts showcase to documentaries like a look back at James Cameron‘s Titanic. It’s all here in this epic-length YouTube highlight reel…as long as Titanic itself.

For practical purposes, clicking through the massive compilation is probably your most realistic option, but if you’re an obsessive compulsive completest, well, settle in and enjoy the (pre) show.


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