Pixar Forks Over Final TOY STORY 4 Trailer (VIDEO/IMAGES)

A rescue mission to save a fellow toy that gets stranded away from the group. We’ve seen variations this Toy Story three times before, and we’re in for it again in the last trailer for Toy Story 4.

This fourth adventure may adhere strictly to the same proven formula, for better or worse, but the colorful fun on display — with characters we’ve loved for over 20 years — looks to be there in spades, with a new kid owner (Bonnie, an adorably cute little girl) to bring home the emotional sentiment we’ve come to expect from this enduring franchise.

Besides, no matter how much of a structural re-tread this may be, the reason to be excited is that it comes from Josh Cooley and Jonas Rivera, the co-writer (now direting here) and producer of Inside Out, one of the all-time Pixar greats.

Toy Story 4 opens this summer on June 21, 2019.

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