First Trailer For TOY STORY 4 Doesn’t Go Beyond Infinity (VIDEO/POSTER)

New toy gets lost from home, rescue adventure ensues, old loyal toys become tempted by a life beyond the toybox, only to realize that one’s purpose is to bring joy to a child.

Well this feels familiar, doesn’t it. That’s because you’ve seen Toy Story 2.

While not ripping off that movie wholesale, Toy Story 4 appears to be rehashing material that the trilogy has done before (from all three previous movies, give or take), which is disappointing, especially considering how perfect a trilogy closer Toy Story 3 was.

But the shareholders for Disney-Pixar couldn’t leave well-enough alone, so now we’re getting a four-quel that feels more like one of those nostalgia franchise reboots, pandering to all of the things you loved before but without doing anything particularly original.

Sure, Bo Beep has transformed into an action hero, there’s a new angsty spork, some creepy ventriloquist puppets, and Key & Peele are a pair of hilarious stuffed animal buddies, but tweaks and additions don’t add up to an inspired reason to do another Toy Story. (If anything, some of these characters simply should’ve been given their own movie or franchise).

All that to say, there’s nothing “wrong” with this Toy Story 4 trailer. It should do well enough to put smiles on peoples faces. But there’s nothing particularly exciting about it either.

Toy Story 4 opens on June 21, 2019.



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