Emma Thompson Is Talk Show Tyrant In LATE NIGHT Trailer (VIDEO)

The Devil Hosts Late Night.

That’s basically the concept here for Late Night, the new feature film from writer / actress comedienne Mindy Kaling. The sitcom multi-hyphenate star is making the jump from the small screen to big with this Sundance Film Festival breakout hit that Amazon bought for a hefty $13 million, just shy of the Sundance record.

Kaling plays the new employee to Emma Thompson‘s “Meryl Streep / Miranda Priestly” archetype, Katherine Newbury, a successful late night talk show host who’s a monster to work for. Kaling’s Molly Patel is Newbury’s first female staff writer.

As you can see in this first trailer, this very much fits the tone of Kaling’s previous work (The Mindy Project especially), playing the concept mostly for laughs but also sentiment, including a rom-com-y subplot.

The film looks entertaining with a likely showcase for Thompson, but the thing I’m most excited about is, simply, that Amazon — unlike Netflix — remains committed to theatrical-exclusive runs for these kinds of movies. Major studios have all but given up on counter-programming for blockbusters, but they shouldn’t be consigned to cable or streaming.

Late Night — co-starring John LithgowAmy RyanIke BarinholtzHugh Dancy, and Denis O’Hare — opens this summer on June 7, 2019.


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