ROMA (Movie Review)

**** out of ****
Rated R / TV-MA
(for violence, disturbing images, male full frontal nudity, and language)
Released: December 14, 2018
Runtime: 135 minutes
Directed by: Alfonso Cuarón

Starring: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Verónica García, Fernando Grediaga

Streaming on Netflix, beginning December 14

(Viewer Discretion note: an early scene contains extended male frontal nudity.)

My review of Roma, for The Tulsa Voice. From Academy Award-winning director Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity), this passion project foreign film is poised to become the first major Oscar contender for Netflix. It streams exclusively on Netflix starting December 14.

A review excerpt:

“With an elegant, ethereal omniscience…Cuarón tells an intimate story on an ambitious scale.” Set in 1970 Mexico City, it’s the story of a maid whose daily life is revealed in “simple, innocuous episodes that slowly give way to more defining ones.” Those moments are “observed through a neorealist’s austere, artful eye and an empathy-gushing heart.”

To read my full review, click here.

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