First Trailer Is A Go For Live Action POKÉMON Movie (VIDEO/POSTER)

Deadpool for Kids” is basically what you get when Ryan Reynolds does the voice for Pikachu…and that’s exactly what the first live-action Pokémon movie is offering up.

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu plops a CGI version of that yellow fuzzy rodent into the real world, fueled by Reynolds’ snarky sass dialed in for the entire family. The human he teams up with is played by Justice Smith, who was a comic-relief highlight in the so-so Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom monster mash last summer.

Launching this brand with a detective story seems to imply a play-it-safe cash grab, but with the global phenomenon that these pocket monsters are, it’s likely that mass audiences will be so there for that.

From Goosebumps director Rob LettermanPOKÉMON Detective Pikachu opens on May 11, 2019.



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