First Teaser For New ALADDIN Movie Is…Live Action? (VIDEO)

This whole world doesn’t look all that new.

The first teaser for Disney’s live action remake of Aladdin just dropped and…it’s mostly animated?! It’s pretty lame, really, what passes for “live action” today in our digitally-overloaded blockbusters.

In this first look, the only thing that looks real is the brief glimpse of Aladdin himself, played by relative newcomer and native-born Egyptian Mena Massoud. Beyond that, the entire world that surrounds him is digitized.

When you think back to epic desert classics like Lawrence of Arabia and The English Patient, it’s downright depressing to see duned landscapes made entirely by a computer.

Sure, it all looks and sounds exactly as you’d expect (which may be cause for concern, too, given uninspired copy-and-paste approach of the live action Beauty and the Beast), but it is a legitimate, annoying letdown when the “real” version of magical story is anything but.

Oh, and no Will Smith genie either.

Disney’s going to have to do a lot better than this with their next, first full trailer to raise hopes that this will be anything but a by-the-numbers VFX redux of a superior and special source.

Aladdin — directed by Guy Ritchie — opens on May 24, 2019.


One thought on “First Teaser For New ALADDIN Movie Is…Live Action? (VIDEO)

  1. CGI is at its most effective when it is ‘invisible’. Disney should take a lesson from Bollywood… all the tools in the moviemaking box at their most effective when they work with, not against, each other.
    Hopefully Guy Ritchie has learned from his mistakes with ‘King Arthur’.

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