First Look Photos Of WONDER WOMAN 1984 (IMAGES)


Well we sure didn’t see that one coming.

In the first two photos (below, along with one sheet posters) of Wonder Woman 1984, the upcoming sequel to the megahit cultural gamechanger Wonder Woman, we see the film’s two stars in the story’s 1984 setting.

The first is no surprise: Wonder Woman herself, played by Gal Gadot, in front of a monitor wall of mid-80s pop culture content. But then there’s (spoiler alert!) Steve Trevor himself, the Diana Prince love interest who (allegedly) died a heroic death at the end of Wonder Woman.

Played by Chris Pine, my initial assumption upon seeing the photo of Trevor (looking out of place in mall, sporting a snazzy track suit and Nike sneaks) was that Pine must be playing a descendant of Steve Trevor but not Steve himself. That hunch was immediately shot down, however, by this tweet from returning writer/director Patty Jenkins.

It will be interesting to see how Trevor is resurrected and transported through time, but Pine was so good and integral to the first film’s success that it’s no surprise they found a way to bring him back. Even if the explanation is flimsy, it’ll be forgivable.

Wonder Woman 1984 opens next year on November 1, 2019.

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