Ron Howard Narrates STAR WARS Trilogy In “Arrested Rebellion” Nerdist Spoof (VIDEO LINK)



Now the story of a rebellion’s battle against an evil empire, and the one who could bring balance to the Force.

Ever since Ron Howard was announced as the new director of the untitled Young Han Solo movie, the social medias have had fun imagining the Star Wars saga told through the comedic filter of Arrested Development, the cult TV Comedy series that Howard not only produced but narrated.

Now someone has finally done it. The Nerdist website has taken the Star Wars/AD mashups to the next level by splicing clips from the Original Star Wars Trilogy and putting them together in the style of an Arrested Development episode – including lines of narration by Howard from that series.

There must’ve been a lot of work done pouring through the AD archives to find just the right Howard comments for this supercut, and the deep dive really paid off.

You can watch the entire 3-minute brilliant video here at the Nerdist website.

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