Summer Of 1992: The Blockbuster Slate, 25 Years Ago


Every May, movie fans scour through the annual summer blockbuster previews to see what’s coming and what’s worth getting excited about. For funzies, here’s what people had to look forward to 25 years ago in the Summer of 1992. Not nearly as many sequels and franchises as we have today, and only one superhero movie! What a quaint time it was.

But it also included that year’s Academy Award winner for Best Picture, so there’s that.

The image galley below takes you through, in order, the major movies that were released from May through August, their release dates, and box office totals. Final box office Top 10 finish is below the gallery at the end of this post.

Summer Movies of 1992
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The Top 10 for Summer 1992:

  1. Batman Returns – $162.8 million
  2. Lethal Weapon 3 – $144.7 million
  3. Sister Act – $139.6 million
  4. A League of Their Own – $107.5 million
  5. Unforgiven – $101.1 million
  6. Patriot Games – $83.3 million
  7. Boomerang – $70 million
  8. Far and Away – $58.8 million
  9. Honey, I Blew Up The Kid! – $58.6 million
  10. Housesitter – – $58.5 million

Although the insanely hyped sequel Batman Returns won the summer, it ended up finishing 3rd for the year. The top two films of 1992: Aladdin was #1 with $217.3 million and, at #2 with $173.5 million, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.


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  1. There was a dollar theater near Woodland Hills Mall – can’t remember the name – and that’s where I saw Honeymoon in Vegas. Very funny movie. Also saw Hudson Hawk there – funny too, but not intentionally so. 🙂

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