POLL QUESTION: Recasting General Leia


(Poll Results Below)

With news that Lucasfilm’s creative braintrust will soon meet to rethink Star Wars: Episode IX, the 2019 release that had planned a major role for General Leia prior to Carrie Fisher’s recent tragic passing, some people online are actually beginning to speculate about the unthinkable:

Re-casting the role of the Rebellion / Resistance heroine that Fisher iconically defined.

The motive from fans who favor recasting comes from a desire to see the mythology unfold as it had been intended and designed, especially if Episode IX wasn’t meant to be the end for Leia.

While it may feel too soon to contemplate such things, director Colin Trevorrow, producer / Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy, and others are about to make decisions. Besides, I’d imagine that Carrie Fisher, of anyone, would look at this whole situation with the most non-precious, least sentimental, most joyously self-depcricating perspective of anyone.

So if you could be in that Lucasfilm room, what would you suggest? Vote below.

(Thanks to fellow Tulsa Voice film critic Joe O’Shansky – and his subversive friends – for suggesting the first three options. I added the reasons for their defense.)

Click on poll graph for bigger image.


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