ROGUE ONE Still A Strong Force At The Box Office


The Rebellion is building it’s own Empire.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story continues to slaughter all foes at the box office. After two full weeks in release plus a third major weekend in theaters, the Star Wars anthology one-off has racked up a $430 million haul in North America, and $775 million globally (with much more to come; it’s yet to open in China, the world’s 2nd largest market).

With no major tentpoles opening in January, Rogue One looks to be in good position to eventually become the biggest domestic grosser released in 2016. Currently, the Star Wars war movie is $56 million behind 2016’s #1 Finding Dory, which took in $486.3 million (and was also released by parent-company Disney). If Rogue One passes $500 million, as seems likely, it will become only the 7th film to ever reach that mark, and the 2nd Star Wars movie to do so.

By all accounts, this is another rousing success for the resurrected Star Wars franchise, particularly given that it’s the first film to stray from the episodic melodrama of the Skywalker family (although having Darth Vader certainly helps). The only comparison it pales to is the record-breaking pace set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens a year ago.

Rogue One‘s $430 million over its first 16 days is far behind The Force Awakens; the J.J. Abrams directed reboot had already tractor-beamed in a massive $721 million over that same period. By its 20th day, Episode VII would pass Avatar‘s $760 million to become the most successful film at the North American box office of all time (eventually finishing just below $1 billion, with a $936.6 million final receipt).

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