First Photos Of Actual Beauty & Beast (IMAGES)


A tale as old as time can’t come soon enough, not after these brand new images of Belle and the Beast have debuted – which range from the provincial to the elegant.

Walt Disney Studios released the photos through the web site Stitch Kingdom, a Disney Fan page, and they capture the look that everyone’s hoping for.

I have to say, I’m particularly impressed by the Beast. To me, that was going to be the biggest challenge and hurdle for this live action adaptation to clear. Sure, it’s been done on the stage, but film is a less forgiving medium, what with those close-ups and all. Suffice it to say, he’s a ravishingly handsome man-animal that adoring girls will swoon over.

Belle will tame the ultimate bad boy and fulfill every woman’s misguided fantasy this spring when the live action Beauty & The Beast opens on March 17, 2017.

(Click each for larger image.)



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